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Teens Can Seize The GelMoment

First…A Little Background

online casino in brazil I have been with GelMoment for about a year, and I’ve been in direct sales for three years now. First and foremost, though, I am a mother. More specifically, I’m a mom of multiple teenagers.  And over the last three years, I have found that so many aspects of running my own direct sales business would also translate into amazing, hands-on life lessons for my teenagers.  That is why I will be encouraging my teen daughters to join GelMoment at 16. Yes! GelMoment offers a fantastic opportunity for teens to become “junior distributors” starting at age 16.

gossip slots casino bonus codes In order for a teen to become a junior distributor, a parent must first enroll. Once they are distributors, the parents simply notify GelMoment that they want to add their daughter to become a junior member on their account. The benefit of doing this is that teens do not need to wait until they are 18 to sign up, and when they do turn 18, they will then be switched to a full distributorship and get to retain all their customers. Parents are not required to actively sell, so long as their teen maintains a business that fulfills requirements for remaining active in GelMoment.

How will this opportunity benefit my teen?

grosvenor casino online blackjack I am a homeschooling mom, and I view the world through that lens. I see everything as a potential life lesson for my children. Here are some valuable lessons that teens would learn from having a GelMoment business–homeschooled or not. 🙂

What will teens learn with a GelMoment business?

Time Management

ifortuna Booking parties, meeting up with others, and maintaining other areas of business would occur while also attending school and participating in extracurricular activities. This would require teens to carefully balance their time and learn to prioritize. Not unlike having a job at a restaurant or store, teens would have to learn to keep a calendar of their work and school schedule. The big difference, however, is that they have the ability to have full control over the times that they work; this is perfect for weeks when school or sports require more attention and the work schedule can be adjusted accordingly  (or vice versa!)

Money Management

psk online casino forum Having a business takes learning finances to a new level. Teens would have to learn budgeting for their business. Also, depending on your family values, there are also opportunities to learn saving, giving, tithing, and more. Teens who work in outside jobs also get these opportunities, but miss out on the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of business operation and finances.

Entrepreneural Spirit

онлайн казино вегас отзывы Is your student a budding entrepreneur? Are they always dreaming of creating something new? Having a direct sales business is perfect! GelMoment provides many opportunities to foster entrepreneurship, and can be a jumping point into future successes!

People Skills

online casino in europa This is a huge one for me! This is personally an area I have grown in most over the last three years. In fact, I used to be very much introverted. But I now find myself comfortable speaking to others and even speaking in front of large groups. I have learned to speak to many people, including strangers, in a variety of venues. I have learned how to handle conflict. And most importantly, I’ve learned how to gracefully handle hearing the word “no” or even handle when people are ugly to me. These are all such valuable relational skills for our teens to learn!

New Friendships

online casino paypal 1 euro einzahlen I love this! I cannot count the number of friendships I have developed through my GelMoment business. From team members to customers, I have met so many wonderful people!

Maximizing Time

best slot machines to play at winstar casino So here’s one way that a GelMoment business is going to be very different than working retail or at a restaurant. By building a team, they will earn a percentage of their sales back as income. This passive income is a fantastic way to maximize their time!

What are the other benefits to my teen?


online casino without bonus I know that in a lot of families, working out transportation for all the family’s activities can be an issue. Sure, there are parties and order deliveries, etc that will require a car. But one of the nice things about running your own business is that a lot of the day to day work can be done at home.

There isn’t a huge up front investment.

online casino australian This is probably really important to you. I know it is important to me. While you can keep some stock if you choose to do so, you really don’t have to in order to be successful! The enrollment kit is very reasonably priced. There are opportunities to purchase business building supplies at a huge discount when you first sign up. But overall, starting out is very accessibly priced for parents and teens alike!

It’s a truly a lot of fun!

gaminator casino slots - free slot machines 777 Just because this is last, doesn’t mean it’s least important. In fact, we all know that most teens aren’t motivated to work if it isn’t fun. Actually, that’s pretty much true for everyone! Plus, we all learn better when we are having fun! Having a GelMoment business is so much fun! I mean, after all, I get paid to have pretty nails and to share fun polish at parties! This is a job that excites me each day!

In short…

online casino schweiz echtgeld GelMoment is a fantastic business opportunity for any woman! We have a fantastic compensation plan, high quality products, and so much more! Teens can learn so much from having a GelMoment business–either on their own or alongside their moms. I feel like it is a hands-on business course for teens! If your daughter is at least 16 and is looking for a job that gives her the ability to leverage her time and work when she is able to (and is fun!) I highly recommend GelMoment!

best online casino uk 2019 Find out more about more about the details of the business opportunity here.

betway casino online blackjack spiel bonus As always, I am happy to answer specific questions you might have! Email me at and I’m happy to chat!

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